We chose the British Museum as our group(four members) topic. For me, The British Museum has always been a favourite place, with thousands of years of history gathered in its vast galleries. Every time I go there, I’m amazed, but the museum was closed for a long time due to the epidemic. Our main task was to do some design around the British Museum.

Mind Map

We expanded our thinking and made the mind map based on our experiences.

Mind Map


According to the mind map, we have chosen three themes as our directions of interest.


Narrow Down

After a new round of discussions, we finally settled on the theme of “Ownership”. There have a lot of disputed artefacts in the British Museum. But we don’t want to prove who belongs to whom, and we want to know what “ownership” is. Who defines ownership? What exactly is ownership?

Desk Research


Field Study

We discover traces of ownership by walking the city.



By designing the game to attract others to answer our questions, the game itself has an attribution layer. The rules of the ring game are that whichever item you hoop, that item belongs to you.

Ring Game

Conclusion and Outcome

We have set up a time installation outside the museum where users can see the exhibits in VR by scanning the code. We have chosen an iconic work of art — Hoa Hakananai’a — as our subject.

Why clock

Time travels through space — becoming history and complicating the question of ‘ownership’. The year 1869 is the time that Hoa Hakananai’a has arrived in England. By turning the pointer back to 1869, the user is given a QR code to scan to see Hoa Hakananai’a on site.

Why AR

We thought about how we could get the exhibits out of the museum ‘behind closed doors. We used software to enable users to see the artefact in 3D on their mobile phones by scanning a code. Not only can you zoom in and out, but you can also rotate it to see all the corners.

In this way, we have, in a sense, helped the exhibits to escape from the so-called “museum cage” and break the geographical limitations. This method allows more people to ‘own’ it.

Demo recording

Field tests

Design, design, design

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